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About Baza Academy

We are result oriented, always implementing focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring a love for learning to prepare our students for success at school and in life.

We offer individualized and personal support to help our students truly grasp concepts. Our tutors are also caring, patient and excellent at encouraging and motivating our students to learn, grow and flourish.

How We Can Help?

Baza Academy hires the best in certified teachers and and uses the best interactive technology, so your child feels fully engaged and gets the exact learning he or she needs. 



Math courses generally present a challenge for many students. Baza Academy Tutors help our students with remediation, maintain current levels of progress, or proceed to advanced levels for better results.


College-level science tutoring for college students. Subjects also include Science for Kids, Elementary School Science, Middle School Science, High School Science, College Level Science, Basic/General Science, AP Science, and Honors Science.


If you or your child needs to improve their English reading and writing skills, Baza Academy Tutors are trained and experienced to help our students become better readers and writers. We also help with paper writing.

Test Preparation

Life is competitive! So, we help our students with college preparation, career readiness, professional certification, etc. (ASVAB, Hi- Set (GED), SAT, SAT II, ACT, ISEE, SSAT/ERB, ITBS, GRE, GMAT, CLEP TESTS PRAXIS and more.)

Best Learning Experience

Our Proven Methodology

Our learning methodology is proven, yet personalized on each one of our students to reach your learning goals.

Qualified & Experienced

Our Tutors go through rigorous interviewing and vetting to ensure our students receive the best tutor.

Flexible & Convenient

Flexible schedules: Day, night and weekend appointment options to accommodate your schedule.

Affordable Flexible Rates

Our rates are flexible and affordable. We offer learning packages that are adapted to your needs and budget.

Tailored Lessons To
Meet Your Goals And Needs

Improving Your Academic Performence

In addition to tutoring and test preparation assistance, Baza Academy Tutors also help our students with academic coaching such as study skills, test-taking skills, organization, time management, etc. Our goal is to help them improve their academic performance.

Become an Independent Learner

Our tutoring approach seeks to help our students build the skills, confidence and motivation they need to engage in independent learning and achieve success. We teach skills, strategies, and content and inspire them to pursue the goal of excellence in learning.

Filling in Gaps or Expanding Knowledge

Our Tutors work with our students to identify and overcome skill gaps and regain the confidence needed to progress in the subject area. Students who confidently complete coursework are more likely to maintain engagement and stay on the path toward graduation and success in life.

Academic Test Preparation

Our experienced tutors offer our students professional test preparation services for all types and levels of of standardized and other tests including but not limited to college, high school and military admissions exams as well as career advancement and other professional certifications.

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“Baza Academy helped my son improve his grades, confidence, and study skills.”

Benjamin Thompson

“Got admitted to the college I wanted! Thank you Baza Academy.”

Kelly Russell

“Baza Academy is the best tutor for ACT test preparation. I Got a very high score.”

Patricia Jenkins

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